Vinny Stapley

My work focuses on the natural ephemera of the landscape and the unique nuances of the fringes and plant-life around the Blackwater.

Marshes and tidelines are explored through abstracted stitched form, the repetitive nature of stitch echoing the constant ebb and flow of the sea.

Previous bodies of work have been about the preserving family history and and layering fragile and delicate materials.

I combine screen-print, machine embroidery, photo-shop, digital print, with other techniques experimentally to produce mixed-media pieces, from sculptural garments, to printed panels and glass and more recently I have been working with dissolvables, bonding silk fibres and fabrics to create delicate webs to which plant forms are freely embroidered.


My current body of work ‘Mersea Floriligeum’ is focused on exploring the flora of the saltmarsh, these delicate natural forms and their network of roots ‘mesh’ together our fragile coastline, reducing the destructive energy of the sea as it flows in and around them. 

I have found an analogy, during lockdown between these root networks and the ‘world wide web’ keeping us connected with our loved ones and have stitched printed binary code into my textile panels to symbolise these connections