Tricia North

Tricia North
I was trained in fine art textiles but am now more likely to be found with a hammer as well as needles, having moved into the realms of sculpture. My work is very process driven with the act of making taking centre stage. 

I use stitch and thread alongside less conventional materials like roofing slates and cheese graters to create pieces which essentially explore aspects of human nature.

I recently completed an alternative education MA which allowed me to explore the representation of Epigenetics through deconstructed stitch and plaster blocks, hinting at how the history of our ancestors invisibly shapes our future.


Bridging the Gap 

My starting point was an image of Josephine Cox a robust woman in 1944 digging graves in Australia.

The woman's job altered by war, no longer the wailing mourner.

While researching the domestic grave goods I became obsessed with the mythical Sin Eater and the idea of absorption of sin.. if only it was that easy.

Folklore suggests in the 19th century in the Welsh Boarders Sin Eaters were paid to eat a meal from the body of the decreased cleansing them of all their sin.

My mind wanders to the results of this job, a lifetime of these morbid meals, meaning that is a poor bloke somewhere rattling around full of sin.

Linking up with the symbolism of fruit Iā€™m looking to create a piece which uses stitch, sponges, old plates, plaster and pomegranates to explore this visual.

Tallying up the deeds on a full belly using the best china, on the journey to the next life.