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EAST @ Warner Textile Archive

EAST members were asked to visit the Archive, choose an item of interest and create a contemporary art work.

Thirteen members looked at textiles and objects that dated from the 18th to the 20th century.

Fabrics that inspired included Spitalfield silks, toile de joie, coronation textiles, African inspired pieces, textiles from the 1950s. 

There were also members who looked at the work of some of the designers that had once worked for Warners including Marianne Straub, Eddie Squires and Edward Bawden. 

We looked at printing, weaving, and even the shelves of the archives themselves.

The contemporary pieces created were equally diverse including wall panels, household furnishings, boxes, a library of books, fabric flowers, passementarie and weaving.

This talk looks at the inspirations, design ideas and the completion of the exhibition which began at the Knitting and Stitching Shows and is now part of the Warner Textile Archive Collection.

Between the Lines

Launched in 2014, this exhibition was created to commemorate the 1914-1918 conflict.

The group saw it as a creative challenge to begin with such a difficult subject and create work in the medium of textiles.

Some members were inspired by the poetry and the art of the period, while others looked at more military matters including trench life, hand made grenades and barbed wire.

Maps and landscape, particularly the fact that the war changed the geography of Europe so dramatically, were another source of research.

Other members looked at their personal family histories or the history of people involved in the war, including the role of women and members of the former Empire that fought for the British.

Stories of hardship but also stories of hope. Again this exhibition started at the Knitting and Stitching Shows and continues to travel during 2016. Members of EAST will be speaking at Landmark Arts Centre during July 2016.

Threads of Time

Threads of Time was created by EAST members in conjunction with Braintree District Museum in time of the Millenium.

Each member looked at an archive in the museum or an aspect of the local area to create a panel of work for display. At the time a lottery grant was successfully obtained for a custom built case.

This talk looks at each of the panels, the inspiration for the final piece and the techniques involved to create a modern piece of textile art.

It shows how an archive or museum can be a starting point for a group work and therefore would be of interest to other groups undertaking a similar project.

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