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Going round a square to bridge a gap

When I wrote my last EAST blog post, the work I was developing for ‘Bridging the Gap’ was solely in relation to Isabella Montagu, the Duchess of Manchester (1706-1786), whose portrait hangs at the Foundling Museum. Since that time I feel I have been going around in circles, down cul-de-sacs and struggling to find something […]

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A cup of tea with a duchess

I first saw this painting when the Foundling Museum put it on display as part of their Ladies of Quality and Distinction exhibition in 2018/19. Isabella Montagu, (c.1706-1786) was one of twenty-one elite women who supported Thomas Coram’s petition for the Hospital for the Maintenance and Education of Exposed and Deserted Young Children, which was […]

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Fabric and Fanfares

Sculpture of boy in colourful cloth blowing a trumpet

One of the privileges of working at a museum or gallery is the chance to see artworks repeatedly. You get to see works early morning and late afternoon, when there is no one else around. Repeatedly revisiting a work means you notice things you would not see on a single viewing. Reading about the artist […]

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