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The Red Dress

embroidered red dress

The Fashion and Textile Museum in London is currently holding an exhibition charting 150 years of the Royal School of Needlework. It is very well thought out exhibition looking at how the school became established and why, as well as showcasing work undertaken by its students and staff. One of the highlights for me though […]

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The Rise and Fall of the Tambour Hook

embroidered flower

I have always been interested in the history of embroidery, but also in the history of embroiderers. The idea of an embroiderer seems to vary between the lady of leisure and the sweated labourer – but there were many individuals in between. We know that many individuals throughout history have used embroidery as a creative […]

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EAST at the Braintree Textile Fair

A year ago on Saturday, EAST was able to meet, at last, in person.  It was a bright sunny day and the first time we’d actually been able to see everyone’s work for our then prospective exhibition, Transformation. We had arranged for a photographer, Charlie Alexander (farliephotography.co.uk),  to spend the day with us to photograph […]

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Margaret’s mini workshop

A couple of weeks ago EAST members met for our regular February day and Margaret led us through a small design activity. As part of the preparation Margaret had asked us to bring a tracing from something in our current work. When we began I realised that my tracing, left, was far too complicated so I […]

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Can embroidery survive for 2000 years?

The simple answer is yes – if something is stored in the right conditions. The British Museum’s Peru: A Journey in Time includes this funerary wrap which dates to about 2000 years ago and yet the colours are still bright and fresh. Though difficult to photograph and displayed in low light conditions – this image […]

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