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Ready – Steady – Go

Nearly ready for our new Exhibition, ‘Bridging the Gap‘, opening at Grundisburgh on 24th April 2024. Steadily getting everything packaged up safely to transport. And it’s all go for finishing items for the sales table.

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ISHFWILF (U2 1987 Joshua Tree)

It still amazes me, although it really shouldn’t any more, the things I find when I’m actually looking for something else! I came across this catalogue from the first Art of the Stitch Embroiderers Guild exhibition. It was in the Art Gallery at the Commonwealth Institute in Kensington High Street. I went on my own […]

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Smile please!

Last Saturday Charlie Alexander (Farlie Photography) came to our meeting to photograph the new set of work for our next exhibition Bridging the Gap. This was the first opportunity everyone had had to view the finished, or almost finished, pieces and Libby could get some idea of how the work would be displayed at Grundisburgh […]

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Cover to Cover – Bridging the Gap

Gwen John – 1876 to 1939 About a year ago I began my research for our new EAST exhibition “Bridging the Gap” and the subject I chose was the life and work of the Welsh artist Gwen John.  Previous to this I had been looking at the subject of still life and interiors and this […]

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‘Arachne’s Web’- Vinny Stapley

My work about strong women has prompted me to rediscover the histories of ordinary women who, despite abuse, trials and ordeals, strived to survive and protect their families against all odds. To honour them I have created icons, sometimes portraits, sometimes symbolic objects, within precious embroidered frames, to represent them.  Fragile and delicate Webs, made […]

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