Have any EAST artists had work that has been published?

Several members of EAST have now also dipped their toes into the world of publishing, relating to work either started as an EAST project or developed from other textile work:

Our first author was Margaret Talbot whose research into medieval flushwork resulted in a publication on this little known subject:

Medieval Flushwork Of East Anglia And Its Symbolism

ISBN: 0 946148 69 4
(paperback - 78 pages)

Margaret's second publication was produced in 2018:

Contemporary Textured Surfaces in Fabric and Thread

Margaret's second publication was produced in 2018

For information on how to purchase a copy of either publications, contact Margaret at the following email address:

Our second author was Janette Bright whose research into the tokens of the London Foundling Museum led to the publication of an introductory guide, co-written with fellow researcher (not an EAST member), Gill Clark:

An Introduction to the Tokens at the Foundling Museum

This book can be obtained from the Foundling Museum in London, either by visiting them or give them a call and will be happy to send a copy by post. The book costs £5, plus post and packing if not bought at the museum. All profits go direct to the London Foundling Museum.

Fate Hope and Charity

Fate, Hope and Charity

This book can also be obtained through the museum - Janette is one of the authors, contributing essays along side Dr Gillian Clark (who she co-authored the Introductory Guide with). Janette and Gill have betwen them written five historical accounts relating to individual foundlings and their tokens. Other contributors to this publication are the artist David Shrigley, author Jackie Kay, poet and DJ Charlie Dark and historian and author Hallie Rubenhold - each of whom were asked by the museum to make a creative response to the "orphaned" tokens, ie those whose provenance is not known. This publication accompanied the exhibition of the same title (25 January to 19 May 2013).

The Foundling Museum
40 Brunswick Square
London WC1N 1AZ
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7841 3600

​Our latest member of EAST to dip into the world of publishing was Carol Dixon, who has edited a book for the Computer Textile Desgn Group:

CTDG workbook 10 - Exploring Image Transfer

This workbook attempts to answer that question as to how you can get an image designed on your computer to your fabric. There are also technical chapters on getting to know your printer and setting up your monitor.

Are there any publications relating to specific exhibitions?...

For the 2012/13 exhibition MAKING A POINT! a printed catalogue was available for purchase during the display time. Other exhibitions also have catalogues in CD format. Usually these are available at the exhibitions.

Janette Bright and Susan Canfield have also produced booklets that give more information on their individual work - these too will be available for sale at our MAKING A POINT! exhibition venues.

"The Miniature Imaginary Museum of the Enlightenment: Museum Guidebook" explains each of the objects in the museum on display and how Janette came to create this project. 

"...the diamonds of the dust heap" giving an insight into the thought processes and inspirations behind Susan's current work of the same title.

 Now these exhibitions have finished - contact the group if you are interested in purchasing these titles, if stocks are still available. The secretary of EAST can be contacted on email -  secretary@easttextile.co.uk.