Melinda Berkovitz

Melinda Berkovitz
I endeavour to achieve a vibrant and exciting quality to my creative work with design sources often taken from my Australian or Jewish heritage. 

Working with unusual combinations of materials has always interested me and has become a prominent feature of my work.

For example, the partnership of acrylic tubes and silk-painted fabrics proved successful when exploring water themes.

Weaving and knitting techniques are also regular choices when planning and developing ideas.

The challenge of working with wire warps or the knitting of unexpected yarns such as bamboo paper, is an exciting concept that I continue to explore knowing that each combination will achieve a unique outcome.
In my most recent work I have linked the theme of Collections with my extended research focused on the sea, fishermen and the relationship between man and nature.

I have extended my use of multi-layered surfaces to include my own photographed sea images with painted embellished surfaces and stitch.

Continuity within the work is achieved through the painstaking recording, collecting and responding to a theme made familiar over time by in-depth research and personal emotional appeal.

To see more examples and the background to my work, please visit my website here.


In my current work  “Marking the Journey”, the sea remains a prominent inspiration. 

Sir Arthur C. Clarke wrote: “how inappropriate to call the planet Earth when it is clearly ocean”. The Pacific Ocean, the most majestic of all waterbodies, covers 1/3 of the earth’s surface. 

I have lived significant periods of my life on different continents and my journeys are mapped not by land but by sea.

The oceans are the maps that mark my passage of travel and  transforms the stages of my life into a flowing current of movement. 

Melinda Berkovitz

Talks and workshops

Suitable for all levels.
Workshops offered include:-

Silk Painting – various techniques and ideas

Wild Weaving – exploring weaving effects using a hand frame loom with wires and unusual range of yarns

Machine Embroidery – various techniques and ideas for exploring free machine effects. Specialist workshops in soluble fabrics and / or textures and surfaces

Combined design and technique themed workshops.
Available for talks and demonstrations.