Lynda Monk

I am a mixed-media textile artist, tutor and author who likes to stitch, burn and melt materials such as Kunin Felt, Tyvek and Lutradur, adding acrylic mediums to create textured, unusual and exciting surfaces.

For me, the satisfaction comes from sample making, discovering new techniques and creating unusual fabrics.

These are then used as backgrounds to stitch into or as pieces to be displayed as they are.

At this moment in time I seem to be leaning more towards wearable art, especially costumes and accessories influenced by the Steam Punk movement.


Quote from Grayson Perry:
“I love a good shrine. Shrines to me embody the essence of what I do. I put significant artefacts in a special place for us to contemplate. The special place could be in your pocket, in a corner of your house or by a roadside……….”

In the course of my research I have visited well know shrines such as Postman's Park, Crossbones Graveyard and the Bone Church in Kutna Hora.

For this body of work I have transformed thick plain cardboard (greyboard) into a group of rusted wood/metal effect style shrines which will hold objects related to the chosen theme. Objects which I hope will be either thought provoking, will evoke an old memory or cause a smile.

I have also transformed an old wooden case into a shrine commemorating the lost boys of Postman's Park.