New members coming soon


As the group continues to evolve, we are in the process of welcoming new members.  The picture here is of a piece by former long-term member Lorna Rand.  Watch this space for work by new members of E.A.S.T…

The “Power of Stitch” exhibition has encouraged me to look at my life with my late husband of fifty years.  This has made me consider the way our lives are impacted by machines. How has this life affected me and my work as a textile artist? Where could my photography, drawing, IT, and stitching, both hand and machine, lead? I have no engineering experience but photographs and drawings alongside my husband’s life work as an engineer together with his initials, G.E.A.R., inspired my designs.

I am still very interested in the development of textile art and embroidery and am always looking for new ways to work and places to look to make my work more interesting both for myself and my audience.


For Power of Stitch

The title ‘Power of Stitch’ made me think of the power of all the machinery and engines used today on the land and sea, and in the air.

 A visit to the Science Museum set me thinking about shapes and spaces, both two- and three-dimensional.

I dedicate this body of work to my late husband Graham Edward Austin Rand who lived and loved the machines he worked with for the whole of his life.