Angela Brookford

Creative textiles, for me, is a form of direct visual communication. I aim to get a response, connect to the unconscious mind and to the emotions,
without the need of further explanation. I like the tactile quality of textiles and that you can make an idea concrete. I like visual ideas to evolve over time.
For me, it is not an intellectual exercise as such, more it is to use my instinct and past experience and allow things to emerge.
I am particularly interested in aesthetics and composition. Those interests probably come from drawing, painting and printing, pursued not only in the past but also in the present. I use a variety of media in my textile work and like to experiment with different techniques, but I always feel the need to include stitch. Most of my ideas start with drawings from an outside reality but get tempered by my own personal world. That mixing of an outside and inside reality, that I get with drawing, is why I rarely use photographs as a starting point. From a drawing, I find out what I am thinking and feeling, and I believe this process helps make the outcome original.