Libby Smith

Tollesbury Marshes
I am inspired by the varied landscape of North Essex, from farmland to coast, and my love of poetry which always influences me somewhere along the way.  

By creating a story or mood this helps to bring meaning to the finished pieces when working through the designing and making processes.

I have been a regular walker for many years and always carry my camera with me whenever I am out and about in the countryside to record those places to which I feel particularly drawn.  

Back in my workroom I try to respond instinctively using dyes to capture colour and paints for mark making on natural fabrics to provide a palette which I can use to blend, collage and manipulate.  

I find the art of hand stitching and embroidery completely absorbing, and it brings me closer to the work.

In more recent years I have also looked at alternative ways to present a landscape, and in my latest work I have used wood panelling bought from a salvage yard.  The panelling itself is not the main interest of the work but provides a ‘canvas’ on which to build upon.  The wood is cleaned, loose paint, dirt and dust removed and then a base layer of washed calico is wrapped around the panelling to provide support for the fabrics and threads to be applied.  Where possible use is made of any features in the wood such as holes, marks, distress and wear.

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The transformation of my work has been a gradual move to another genre, from landscape to still life.  

Two years ago I decided to look for an alternative source of inspiration for my textile work by taking up pottery.  

At the time I really didn’t know if it would help or in which direction it would take me but I found I loved working with clay, I enjoyed the different processes and I discovered the still life artist Giorgio Morandi.

Rolling Landscape

Talks and workshops

I am available for talks and workshops on the following:

 - Landscape Collage

 - Kantha Still Life

 - Fabric Dyeing - natural fabrics - give yourself a palette of colour and effects using Procion cold water fibre reactive dyes with Manutex thickener and mark making with acrylic paints.