Jenny Leslie

I make Eco dyed textiles using traditional and contemporary techniques.

Using shibori, batik and flour paste resist combined with eco leaf prints and compost dyeing I form large and small wall pieces as well as accessories.

Nature is a constant source of inspiration and the organic patterns found in it inform most of my individual work.  

I feel that textile art is something wider than art and I use it as an expression of interest in the environment, tradition and creativity.

I have a degree in Textiles & Embroidery, Middlesex Uni 2010, and exhibit locally in Hertfordshire.

Find my contact details on my website here


I have been looking closely at lichen and fungi, the ancient and often over looked small organisms that live in wild places in Great Britain.

They are fascinating because they often grow on what might seem to be something degenerating, like old brick work, stones or wood. But in fact they are an important part of a transformative process, where the original substance; rock or wood is gradually broken down and formed into something new for example forest litter that forms the building blocks for new growth, perhaps a young tree.

I am excited by these this natural process of regeneration in the natural world as think it shows a parallel process to that of human development and healing where something that looks frightening, perhaps depressing could be the start of something new.

My three pieces try to examine carefully a rotting tree trunk, a partially burnt redwood tree trunk and a rock surface with lichen.

I am experimenting with dry shibori and natural dyes to try to form lichen, fungi and wood for this work.