Jenny Leslie


I make Eco dyed textiles using traditional and contemporary techniques. Using shibori, batik and flour paste resist combined with eco leaf prints and compost dyeing I form large and small wall pieces as well as accessories.

Nature is a constant source of inspiration and the organic patterns found in it inform most of my individual work.  I feel that textile art is something wider than art and I use it as an expression of interest in the environment, tradition and creativity.

I have a degree in Textiles & Embroidery, Middlesex Uni 2010, and exhibit locally in Hertfordshire.

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The power of Lava

For Power of Stitch

My work for Power of Stitch focuses on the power of nature. After a trip to Yellowstone park in 2016, I am trying to depict the immense power of volcanic formations by studying Mammoth Springs, which is like a living limestone waterfall and lava flows that can be found in Hawaii.