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Graduate Collaboration Scheme

EAST (East Anglian Stitch Textiles) is a self–supporting framework for textile artists based in East Anglia, UK.  It was formed in 1995.  We are mentored by Anthea Godfrey, Artistic Director of the Embroiderers’ Guild, UK. The group specialises in producing bodies of work based on in-depth research.   Each member of the group uses a range of techniques which can be traditional, contemporary and often incorporate mixed media.  The group is keen to support the promotion of textiles as a legitimate art medium and it is through this aim that the Graduate Collaboration Scheme was discussed.

We are now looking for a graduate/postgraduate student to join us for a minimum of a year, but it could be longer.  The aim of the scheme is for a graduate to work with one or more artists within the group and produce a collaborative piece that will be displayed at our next exhibition.  The normal fees for membership of EAST which is applicable to other members, will be waivered for the duration of the project.

The graduate can work in any medium.  This may be textiles, but the group is particularly interested in collaborations with practitioners of other creative forms.  Suggested ideas have included photography, illustration, digital arts, ceramics, poetry, but any medium will be considered.  It will be the graduate’s decision as to whether they wish to work with one or more artists. 

It is hoped that the graduate will gain experience from working outside the educational sector to learn about our process of researching and exhibiting in private or public galleries.  The EAST members hope the challenge of working with new media will allow them to reach a wider audience and develop their own practices.

The deadline for applications will be the 31 August 2024.

If you wish to be considered for this scheme please complete the form below for further information.