Felicity Borwick

Felicity Borwick

My work is inspired by personal life experiences, as well as by the people and things around me. I am fascinated with how the strands of people's lives become woven together by events. Through my art I respond to and process the experiences of life. Starting with research and exploration of an idea or a personal issue about which I feel passionately, I follow a journey that ends with the finished piece.  As I go, I choose processes and material that I think will suit what I am trying to say. Recording my ideas and images with drawings, words and photographs in my sketch books, I chart the journey and clarify my thoughts.

Working by exploration, research, reflection and experimentation, I use a variety of techniques and materials.  Although I have often used felt as a medium, my current work breaks away from this.  I like to combine hand sewing and machine stitching.
Throughout my life I have felt a deep affinity with fabrics, textural surfaces and pattern.

To find out more about my work, visit my personal website.

A Place to live

For  Power of Stitch

 ‘A Place to Live’
This piece was prompted by my feelings of powerlessness, anger and distrust when local plans and reason are overridden by human greed.  During the research for this piece, I began to feel increasingly a part of a game beyond my control.

Creating my artwork after a frustrating ordeal with the planning process has been therapeutic and also provides a medium for getting my voice heard and raising awareness of the current trend of allowing unsympathetic developments to erode the English landscape.

The Power of Stitch has been used by many artists from the past to the present day. Nineteenth century artists Lorina Bulwer, Elizabeth Parker and Agnes Richter dramatically stitched text to express their trauma and sense of injustice.