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Making a Good Impression by Angela Brookford

I have recently been experimenting with printing as a way to play and create different images.  One print method I used is monoprinting which is a technique, example below, of using textured surfaces such as wallpaper, packaging, etc. placed on an inked-up plate and passing this through an etching press. You can build up layers by […]

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The Red Dress

embroidered red dress

The Fashion and Textile Museum in London is currently holding an exhibition charting 150 years of the Royal School of Needlework. It is very well thought out exhibition looking at how the school became established and why, as well as showcasing work undertaken by its students and staff. One of the highlights for me though […]

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Out of the Blue

Out of the blue is about a piece of work I produced earlier this year – I have called it “Out of the Blue” as this is not a colour I usually work in – I am usually very attracted to subtle shades of grey, brown and white with a little yellow thrown in but […]

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The Rise and Fall of the Tambour Hook

embroidered flower

I have always been interested in the history of embroidery, but also in the history of embroiderers. The idea of an embroiderer seems to vary between the lady of leisure and the sweated labourer – but there were many individuals in between. We know that many individuals throughout history have used embroidery as a creative […]

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Rock On with Julie Topsfield

Holidays to the Western Isles (aka The Outer Hebrides) inspired my series of wrapped rocks which are part of the EAST exhibition “Power of Stitch”. Many of the beaches have natural areas of stone of varying colours, shapes and sizes and I became more drawn to them as time went on. Another native material to […]

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