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Last chance to see

Don’t miss your chance to see Between the Lines at Landmark Arts Centre, Teddington, TW11 – it finishes this weekend (Sunday 10th July 2016).

Ready, Steady, Stitch

E.A.S.T members – Felicity, Janette, June, Lorna, Melinda, Susan and Tricia held three workshops at Landmark Arts Centre alongside the Between the Lines exhibition on Sunday.


Many of our visitors chose to take their identity tags home, but we were pleased that others were very happy to share a selection for the gallery’s installation.


Some of our visitors started on the printing table before adding stitch or paper to their completed tag, and it was particularly nice to see visitors from the very young to adults joining in – several staying more than an hour enjoying a moment of creativity.




Thanks must go not only to the E.A.S.T members that made the journey across to Teddington, the E.A.S.T members who collected together ideas and materials to prepare for the day, the staff at Landmark, but also to the visitors who participated.



Identity tags at Landmark

When Janette, Carol and I went to the Landmark Arts Centre on Tuesday to give a talk about the research behind “Between the Lines”, I was able to take some more pictures of the exhibition.

Lesley and her right hand man, Tim, had wrapped “barbed wire” around the pillars and hung from it the identity tags  the EASTies had made as examples for the workshop “Ready, Steady, Stitch” which will be happening at the Arts Centre on Sunday as part of the Teddington Fair. 

So if any of the images  below spark your creativity, come along and have a go. Melinda, Janette, June, Lorna, Tricia, Felicity and I will be there, so it will also be a good time to quiz us about our exhibits as well as adding your own take on identity to the new installation.

From the Earth an Exhibition to celebrate Ethical Textiles

Caroline Bell and I are very pleased with how the exhibition, From the Earth at Mardleybury Gallery [Datchworth SG3 6SG] has been going. The Exhibition is on for a few more days..   it closes at 4 on Saturday. The Gallery has been a very good setting for the Exhibition.

We have three guest artists, above is the work of Fabienne Dorsman Rey, who also led one of our workshops at Art Van Go. We also have work by the India Flint who I feel is the initiator of  the current re surge of interest in natural dyeing and eco leaf printing, as well as Alice Fox’s great work.
It has been great to be able to include work by some experienced UK artists above is Reef Marks by Shelley Rhodes.
There is also work by local artists and artists who are just setting out, this wonderful piece is by Rebecca Robins.
It was good to have Margaret Talbot’s Petrified Trees, East textiles were well represented.
Jenny Dean author of many books and very experienced natural dyer gave us a very encouraging introduction at the Private View last Friday.

Lines of Communication Workshop at the Landmark Gallery

Yesterday, as a representative of EAST, I gave a workshop at the Landmark Gallery called “Lines of Communication” which was based on techniques used in some of the pieces in our exhibition.  The Landmark has a lovely studio upstairs where we had nine students who had booked to do the workshop. 

June (who was my excellent driver and gofer for the day) set off from home to pick me up at 7 o’clock and we arrived at the Landmark before opening so we nipped down the road for coffee before setting to with unloading and setting up.   
We started the day loosening up with printing using print blocks that I had either made or had been purchased or lent and also I had taken along such things as a set of French polishers combs, a fork, a bit of old hose and an umbrella handle to see what interesting marks could be made on paper and fabric.  After this we did some scrunching and distressing of papers and I also took along some samples for students to use which they would not have time to do that day.

After lunch and after clearing up the messy bit, we selected and deselected pieces, layered them up and arranged.  I then demonstrated how to add stitched text to the pieces either directly or on silk organza that could then be overlaid.  Students also made envelopes from fabric – I had prepared several templates of different shapes in different sizes.  I had taken along an old tablecloth that could be used for this – some students made their envelopes from shear fabrics so that the contents could be seen.

Below are a few photographs of the results.

Setting up at Landmark

 Here are just a few images that I took when we were setting up at Landmark Arts Centre.  As you can see, Liz and June still look quite happy although it was the middle of the afternoon and they’d just spent quite a while hanging Melinda’s pieces which was not the only exhibit that was tricky to display.

E.A.S.T have moved

E.A.S.T packed their work up and it is now safely at our new exhibition venue.  The team will be at Landmark Arts Centre, in Teddington in South West London tomorrow to get our exhibition Between the Lines ready for display.  The exhibition will be open from Wednesday 15 June to Sunday 10 July 2016.
In celebration we have created this new blog site – so if you followed us on our old site, you need to change your bookmarks.  The old blog can still be accessed but will not be updated now.  You can visit it here.
Alongside the exhibition we have three very special events:
On Saturday 18 June 2016, Libby and her helper June will be running a workshop at Landmark Arts Centre called Lines of Communication.  Attendees will be shown how to create a mixed media panel with text, envelopes and ephemera.  Tickets were still available when we spoke to Landmark Arts recently and you do need to book in advance.  Although developed from our WW1 themed exhibition this workshop relates to themes of identity and text – so you can create your own very personal small panel.  Only £45 – contact Landmark Arts Centre direct to make a booking – call 020 8977 7558.
On Tuesday 21 June 2016, Susan and Janette, assisted by Carol, will be talking about the Between the Lines project.  Giving an insight into the stories behind the work and some of the techniques used. There is a charge of £5 but that includes the talk and tea.
On Sunday 26 June 2016, several members of the E.A.S.T group will be running a family drop in workshop – suitable for anyone aged from 3 to 93 (or over).  All materials will be supplied and the event is free, from 12 noon until 4pm.  Stay for a few minutes or a couple of hours.  No need to book. The event is running at the same time as the Teddington Fair – so plenty to see and do on the day.

The new EAST blog

Welcome to the new East Anglian Stitch Textiles blog.

In the next few days there will be information regarding our latest exhibition.

While our blog is under construction please visit our main website – EASTtextile for information about the group and our current exhibition and activities.

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