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“The True Anzac”

I was born in Australia and during my school years there was shockingly little attention paid to the history, culture and appreciation of Indigenous people – the Aboriginal people of Australia. In my textile work over the years I have researched and explored related themes on many occasions as a response to this woeful lacking […]

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Ready to go!


EAST BLOG January 2019 By Melinda   Over the years as a textile tutor and mentor I have said too many times to count, “the work is not finished till the framing / presentation is dealt with” My new motto is the work is not finished until the packaging and means of transportation are sorted! […]

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Modigliani – more than just the nudes!

Modigliani – more than just the nudes! Even though I am past counting candles on a birthday cake, I am not past “insisting” on an enjoyable day out to celebrate another year. I was sure the Modigliani exhibition would be an appropriate treat and I was not disappointed! Modigliani is a complex character. Born in […]

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You never know what to Expect!

January 2017 You never know what to Expect! In recent years I have found it easier to face the “trauma” of aging by marking my birthday with an interesting arty experience. This year four generations – my mum, daughter, grandson and myself visited the Tel Aviv Museum of Art to view  Regarding Africa – Contemporary […]

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