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Objects and Memory

I think we, at EAST, are all still recovering from a fabulous weekend workshop with Caroline Bartlett. What an amazing tutor! Some of us stayed at the venue while those that lived closer just stayed until late evening but we all had our evening meal together and what a great laugh we had, fourteen of […]

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James and Judy

I am obsessed with Mannequins and Manikins now and I just knew that you would want to share my obsession! Here are some facts you may not have known about mannequins and manikins and I’m sure there are lots more I can dig up for you! I don’t think this is the last you are […]

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Bridging the Gap

EAST members have been busy today setting-up the exhibition ‘Bridging the Gap’ at Babylon Gallery, Ely. These images below are from around 1 pm today and we can guarantee you will be amazed at the transformation from 12 pm tomorrow (June 4th) when the exhibition opens. If you missed ‘Bridging the Gap’ recently exhibited at […]

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A body part heist…..

It’s amazing where the internet will take you on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Just stumbled across this place, not far up the road from me either. Definitely on my ever growing ‘places to visit’ list. One of the regular events taking place is a body part heist where for a small fee you have 15 […]

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Tyvek Playday

Once the business part of our latest monthly meeting had finished we set up to spend the rest of the afternoon playing with Tyvek. We started off with heating the Tyvek on it’s own, then on a rubber mould mat or wooden block, did some ‘scrumpling’ and finally finished off with bonded surfaces, creating some […]

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