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Cover to Cover: Brigid, Oaks, Hollies and a Blackbird

In my research for Bridging the Gap, I’ve used various sources such as an academic website on the origins of the Celtic goddess Brigid with an emphasis on symbols and mythology, a Druidry website and various others, many of which make the link between Brigid the pagan deity and the Christian St Brigid.  I’ve also […]

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Bridging the Gap: ‘playing’

In my previous blog post way back in October 2022, on my thoughts for my work for ‘Bridging the Gap’, I ended by looking forward to Imbolc and the focus on connection, light, life and new beginning, thinking of Brigid the pagan deity. I mentioned Brigid’s ‘cell of oak’ referred to in the Luka Bloom […]

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Bridging the Gap: Thoughts so Far

When the working title of Bridging the Gap was mooted and agreed between EAST members for our next exhibition, it was also discussed in terms of having a link to a female theme or inspiration source. Thinking of gaps to be bridged, my first thoughts were of the need for real connection in a world […]

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What’s next for EAST?

A few months after its debut at Hyde Hall last October, EAST’s Transformation exhibition has just been packed away having had its second airing – this time in a very different space – at the rather wonderful Grundisburgh House Gallery in Suffolk. The tranquil setting added to the experience for our visitors, and when we […]

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Time for Inspiration and Research

Seeking inspiration and following up on visual research for a new body of work is often for me quite an organic process.  I have places that are special to me that never fail to inspire, and the photo above of one of these special places transports me back there in my mind and helps me […]

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