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What a picture!

There was a time earlier this year when E.A.S.T thought the only way we could exhibit Transformation was by having an online exhibition. It made us consider the benefits of inviting a professional photographer take images of our work. So on our first in person meeting back at Messing Hall we invited Charlie of Farlie […]

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Stitching with others

Stitching can be a very solitary practice – not necessarily in a bad way. It can be very pleasant to spend some time whether it be half an hour or a whole day (very rare), sitting and sewing and thinking. Or sewing while listening to the radio or a podcast, as noted in a previous […]

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The sound of stitching and creativity

If like me, you enjoy hand stitching, there may be times when you listen to your favourite radio programme or perhaps you have a favourite podcast. Since the pandemic there seems to have been an increase in people starting their own podcasts which means the range of topics have been increasing and that includes podcasts […]

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Fabric and Fanfares

Sculpture of boy in colourful cloth blowing a trumpet

One of the privileges of working at a museum or gallery is the chance to see artworks repeatedly. You get to see works early morning and late afternoon, when there is no one else around. Repeatedly revisiting a work means you notice things you would not see on a single viewing. Reading about the artist […]

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Early morning inspiration

In these days when we are constantly being told to stay close to home, it is good to be reminded that sometimes you only have to look out of your window to be inspired.

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