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Fabric and Fanfares

Sculpture of boy in colourful cloth blowing a trumpet

One of the privileges of working at a museum or gallery is the chance to see artworks repeatedly. You get to see works early morning and late afternoon, when there is no one else around. Repeatedly revisiting a work means you notice things you would not see on a single viewing. Reading about the artist […]

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Early morning inspiration

In these days when we are constantly being told to stay close to home, it is good to be reminded that sometimes you only have to look out of your window to be inspired.

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Christmas Quiz 2020

If you have been following our E.A.S.T blog over the last few years you will be in a good place to try this simple quiz. All the answers can be found in the blog pages but as it is multiple choice you might just want to have a guess. No prizes – just for fun. […]

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A brief glimpse at The Prize

EAST are really lucky to have as our mentor Anthea Godfrey. Here she is speaking to Hand & Lock’s Communication Manager, Robert McCaffrey about The Prize 2020 on her involvement as a judge for their annual competition and why it is important to get the brief right. For more information visit Hand & Lock’s Prize […]

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Making sense of scent

This week is Being Human Festival week and tonight I attended an online talk about the sense of smell. We had to have some items on hand for some at home experiments (see above). This event showed what a complex sense smell is – one which is really only appreciated if we lose it. As […]

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