East Anglian Stitch Textiles

East Anglian Stitch Textiles (EAST) was formed in 1995 in response to a demand for a self–supporting framework for textile artists based in East Anglia, UK.

Carol Dixon, the group’s founder member and twice long-standing Chairman, realised how little there was available for those determined to extend both their own creative skills and nurture a greater awareness of textile art to a wider audience.

Carol Dixon, the groups founder with images of her Tulip quilts
Carol, with her contacts through her extensive work within the Embroiderers’ Guild, was able to introduce the fledgling EAST group to Anthea Godfrey who remains the group’s mentor. Under Carol’s careful guidance, artists who were keen to work with like-minded people in the field of creative textiles now had a forum in which to share and support each other’s ideas.

Since the group’s founding in 1995, Anthea Godfrey, Artistic Director of the Embroiderer's Guild and past Principal Lecturer at the London College of Fashion, has been the mentor.

EAST first exhibited in 1997 at Braintree District Museum. The group maintains a long- standing relationship with the Museum and the Warner Textile Archive. The biannual EAST touring exhibition often begins its journey at the Museum gallery.

EAST meets on a monthly basis to discuss and support individual progress; exhibition plans and group topics as well as keeping up to date with events in the textile and wider art world. Members are encouraged to share their expertise and the ever-expanding demands on an active creative group are delegated  amongst EAST members.

EAST exhibitions usually focus on a wide theme allowing each member to develop their own interpretation and relevant skills for their chosen topic. Group discussions and critiques are helpful and support the individual to maximise their own creative potential. EAST is a stimulating and supportive group, arranging visiting tutors, group outings and specialist training opportunities.

EAST has exhibited extensively in galleries and museums throughout England and has been privileged to be invited on several occasions to exhibit at the Knitting & Stitching shows.

What makes the EAST work special is the in-depth research and preparation that each member develops over two years in order to provide a personal context to their final pieces. Sketch and workbooks are essential and often form part of the final exhibition in order to highlight the creative processes.

Several members of EAST are available for workshops and talks – either individual or group basis. Please refer to individual artist details.



Can anyone join E.A.S.T?

'Transformation' sketchbooks on display at Hyde Hall 2021

EAST members are all experienced textile artists - some have qualifications in textile, embroidery, design or other creative studies but this is not essential.

Any potential new members would be accepted on the quality of their current work and a selection process.

Our membership is full at present but if you would like further information about the group, or information on how to join our waiting list, please contact the EAST Membership Secretary by using the form below.

Postal enquiries to:

EAST Membership Secretary,
C/o 84 East Bridge Road,
South Woodham Ferrers,