Objects and Memory

I think we, at EAST, are all still recovering from a fabulous weekend workshop with Caroline Bartlett.

What an amazing tutor!

Some of us stayed at the venue while those that lived closer just stayed until late evening but we all had our evening meal together and what a great laugh we had, fourteen of us in total, so you can imagine the noise and laughter we created especially with our young waiter, who looked so much like a younger version of George Micheal, but hadn’t got a clue who he was! Made us all feel a bit old.

The workshop sessions were also great fun. Amidst all the laughs and witty remarks lots of work, which we hope to use towards our next exhibition, was produced. Caroline taught us all so much and was able to steer each of us in the right direction while still allowing us to be true to ourselves.

Memory collections

Further developments

I alone managed to take 278 photographs in total and that’s without counting the ones taken on phones and iPads so I’m sure you will be seeing lots more from our workshop in the coming weeks.

I’m not going to say a word about the ones already appearing on Instagram!!!

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