A body part heist…..

It’s amazing where the internet will take you on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Just stumbled across this place, not far up the road from me either. Definitely on my ever growing ‘places to visit’ list.

One of the regular events taking place is a body part heist where for a small fee you have 15 minutes to load your car with as many body parts as you can. Imagine that!

Other events include an overnight stay:

Imagine an absolutely bonkers place, in the middle of nowhere. A mannequin graveyard where thousand of mannequins exist in piles, seated in groups and standing amongst the trees. This is an incredible opportunity to stay overnight in the mannequin graveyard. Yes it is creepy enough in the day time, but at night it’s a whole new world.

It’s called Mannekin and you can find the website here with a list of all the events, sales and opportunities that are on offer.

All images seen here are taken from the Mannekin website. No copyright infringement intended. Non-affiliated.

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