A view from a new member

View of the wild swimming pool from the Grundisburgh House Gallery

I have been visiting E.A.S.T. exhibitions for many years but this time it was through the eyes of someone who has just joined the group and will be making work to exhibit at the next show in two years time.

The “Bridging the Gap” exhibition is excellent. Each member showing their design books and research alongside the finished body of work. Such a high standard. Real depth and meaning demonstrated for each series. I encourage everyone to visit. The exhibition continues until 7th May 2024.

Am I daunted by joining E.A.S.T.? Well yes, a bit. But really excited to work alongside such talented artists. Their way of working, to read and research first, followed by lots of experimentation and sampling, before starting work is very appealing to me. Taking time to really explore a subject.

I will attend my first E.A.S.T. meeting next week. Looking forward to the next creative chapter.

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