Just a short introduction to welcome our two newest members: Chris Cannon and Mary McIntosh.

We know they are both going to be valued members of EAST.

Chris Cannon ‘Rhythm of Stitch’

Hand stitching worked on dyed silk fabric in patterns found in the way in which water moves. This was inspired by with some structures at an RHS Flower show using wind movement and based on a book Sensitive Chaos by Theodor Schwenk.

Mary Mcintosh ‘To Have and to Hold’

Having a personal and emotional connection to the inspiration for work proved to be very rewarding and I think produced some of my best work in the ‘To Have and to Hold’ series using dress pattern tissue.

You can find out more about Mary’s work at: www.marymcintosh.co.uk

On a less serious note I tried to find an earworm (or Ohrwurm as the Germans named it originally) but could only come up with this. Those of us who are a certain age may remember Peters & Lee from the 60’s and their song:

‘Welcome home, Welcome,

Come on in and close the door……….’


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