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I do like a book! I have quite a few (a lot some would say) all shapes and sizes and covering a wide range of subjects. Some cost many pounds, some just a few pence but all have been used, read and treasured. I have my kindle which I use but there is something about the feel and smell of a book, be it new or old.

A family member had a house fire a couple of years ago and the things that she found most upsetting were those items that couldn’t be replaced: family photos, personal items of her mothers who she had recently lost, silly things her children had given her or made when small. She rebuilt her home making improvements she had always wanted, surprising herself at how positive she could be about the whole process and accepting what had been lost. She found strength she didn’t know she possessed.

This got me thinking, what would I miss most? All of the above obviously but there is one item specifically, a small book that would be totally irreplaceable. It belonged to my stepfather, a lovely man, sadly no longer with us. It was awarded to him for 100% attendance at Sunday School in 1949. He would have been aged five.

It cost half a crown – 2/6d (around 12.5p in todays’ money) a reasonable amount at that time and was called ‘A Little Book of Old Rhymes’,collected and illustrated by Cicely Mary Baker.

She produced a whole collection of books for children. I really must look her up when time allows.

It would seem very dated now and I wonder how many children would be impressed if given it as a reward?

To me this book is priceless due to the memories it gives me. One day I may even use the verse it contains as inspiration for some textile work – now there’s a thought!

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