Cardinal Fashion Studio

When I was 11years old I was on holiday in Lyme Regis1981, I found these 2 books in a second hand book shop and they which have captured me ever since, I think at the time I paid £11 each which blew out my holiday money and I had to beg my dad for extra cash as I wanted both.

They supported me through art college and a couple of my fashion student housemates degree shows, they have moved with me from job to job, they decorate my bedroom, student digs and finally my house.

I love the Glamour, the eyelashes and the lovely slender ankles each sweeping pencil lines and description.

So looking at these 2 folders in photocopied pencil it says Winter 54 and Spring 53.

The second page details initial that sits on the right hand corner of each page

D= Chanel B=Givency F=Nina Ricci

As an 11yr old from South Yorkshire the glamour of The Cardinal Fashion studio filled my head with dreams of fabrics, beads, illustrations and Hollywood where Audrey Hepburn is discovered in a book shop (Funny face 1957). When in reality these were probably the retail Kays catalogue of the time.

And now and again you get a glimpse of the process where there are sketches and comments changing the design.

If you don’t mind I will just leave you now with these beauties that have given me so much over the years.

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