Spirals in Abstraction

Preparation for a new body of work is a journey – not necessarily in a straight line, but full of stops and starts and often double takes along the way.

For me this process is the most important and often the most difficult. I often feel that my final pieces do not reflect the highs and lows, but I am confident that the journey “enables” the pieces I eventually present.

The preliminary stages of my research focused on Hilma af Klint, her form of abstraction and her contributions as a woman, mystic and artist.

A chance conversation and a sideways step brought me to the world of Spiritual Dynamics and it became the final piece in the jigsaw that has allowed me to progress in producing work for Bridging the Gap.

The Spiritual Dynamics value system explains how our consciousness develops and grows. The eight stages denote our journey from a vulnerable new-born to complete enlightenment. Each of the eight stages have an attributed colour and it is this palette that I have referenced to link Hilma’s ideas to my own interpretation. For Hilma, her spirals were a focal motif within her work. For me, the spiral of self-development, self-awareness and emotional language are central to my creative energy.

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