Focusing on the Ground

Over the winter months I am still finding many wonderful ‘treasures’ as research for my next body of work continues. At this stage I am mostly focusing on the ground and on the things that ‘catch my eye’.  The ground is limited to my small piece of land that will be built on.

Looking on the Ground

As I pick things up that appeal, ideas immediately come into my mind; maybe a shape I could print with, inspiring colours, textures to be stitched or snapshots to capture in my sketchbook . Some objects ‘shout out’ for influencing outcomes of work such as being holders for mounting or as a base for work.

Shapes I could print with
Inspiring Colours and Textures
Influencing Outcomes

Once taken away from the site each find is assessed, categorised, photographed and stored ready for use. Each piece has changed, not generally itself but by being seen in a different environment.

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