Victorian style coats

Using one of my sample ideas I decided to make a ‘family’ of Victorian style coats – Father, Mother, Daughter and Son. Still trying to decide whether or not to carry it through and make the rest of the outfits such as trousers, skirts etc.

The images on the fathers coat mainly focuses on the workhouse and the sons coat shows child labour images. Mother and daughter are a mixture of these but also with a large amount of baby farmer images.

Although it looks identical, the mothers coat is made in a slightly different, very time consuming way.

I started off by sublimation printing the images on to a linen look polyester fabric then cut around each image.

These were then backed with a fusible webbing, placed in position and ironed on to a cotton backing fabric.

The edges were then neatened off with a close zig-zag machine stitch – this part was actually quite enjoyable!

Once I had created a large enough piece of fabric for the pattern pieces it was then cut out and put together – took me an age to do. So for the other jackets I printed off sheets of the images, cut them out seperately and laid them on the previously cut pattern pieces in the correct order before they were put under the heat press. I did have one or two mishaps but generally it was much easier to line up the edges and seams. Bonded to a cotton backing the edges were then finished off with machine stitching.

All the buttons used have been covered with the same fabric as used for the collars and cuffs. The mothers coat has velvet collar and cuffs but for the others I have used cordorouy.

The mother and daughter jackets both have a machine made lace collar.

Front section of daughters lace collar

I drew the pattern, in red pen, on to a piece of water soluble fabric, covered with a piece of fine black netting then machine stitched the design. It was then soaked in water until the dissolvable had disappeared.

For the lining on the daughters coat I used a thermofax screen with a word cloud relating to my topic and printed on to a black cotton fabric with white printing ink with puff additive.

Originally I only intended to make the mothers coat but as usual I got a bit carried away!

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