Just desserts

Amelia Dyer, ‘The Ogress of Reading’ is the main topic of my research on baby farmers.

I have made several items which feature her and in this instance these three cases represent her as well as Margaret Waters and Annie Walters, all of which have despicable stories to tell.

The cases are my take on a prison cell with a prisoner being hanged for their crimes.

They are made from double-skinned 3mm greyboard and painted firstly with acrylic gesso with a small amount of household emulsion rolled on the surface here and there. They are then sprayed with black Quink writing ink and when that is partially dry walnut ink is sprayed over the surface then sprinkled with sea salt. Once dry the sea salt is brushed off.

The detail on the front documents the time and place of execution and also the hangmans name
The inside shows an image of Amelia Dyer. Her effigy hangs over a trapdoor (which opens) and the cupboard underneath contains the bodies of the babies wrapped in packaging before she threw them in the Thames.
Close up of the macabre packages

As the title of this posts suggests, they all got their just desserts in the end!

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