Inspiring textile artists

Yesterday I attended one of the Embroiderer’s Guild online ‘Thread Talks’, tuning in to hear Anthea Godfrey talk about their collection at Bucks Museum. In this presentation we were introduced to new acquisitions but I also learned about some textile artists I have to admit I had never heard of. I don’t know if the talk will be available online at a later date but this morning discovered this short video produced by Bucks Museum exploring the ‘Sew New’ Gallery where the works are featured.

Hopefully next year I will find some time to visit the gallery myself at Bucks Museum. EAST’s new exhibition, ‘Bridging the Gap’ is all about remarkable women so even if not featured in that, I am trying to record as many as I can. It seems particularly important to include in my ‘collection’ women who paved the way for modern embroiderers.

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