K.&S. Harrogate 2022

Last weekend I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday helping out on the Embroiderers’ Guild stand at K.&S. Harrogate. 

As well as encouraging visitors to add their mark to the World’s Longest Embroidery (all 605.55 metres of it, therefore plenty of space!), I had plenty of opportunity to talk to the artists taking part in the Graduate Showcase.

I found this year’s group particularly interesting, enthusiastic and very easy to talk to, so in this blog I’m going to mention a few. 

Three Graduates studied at The Royal School of Needlework but, as you might expect, their areas of interest were very different and you can check them out further on Instagram.

Eliza Gomershall’s large, fantastic moth attracted me immediately and I raided the bank account to buy a fabulous moth brooch which I’ve named Gomershall.

Amelia Fern Gething created a street scene along the bottom of a gabardine raincoat and added a colourful, lined inner.  To finish the ensemble Amelia draped a beautiful scarf across the shoulders of the coat. She had also decorated both a white and a black laboratory coat.

Linnea Lyndon has already completed some work for Alexander McQueen and over the weekend was busy creating a design in silver which she thinks she may add to a garment later.

Damasque Wells’s stand was extremely colourful whilst Suzy Ager had researched the plight of the hen harrier and created large hangings which moved in the air to represent, she hoped, the birds swooping on their prey.

Damasque graduated from Swansea College of Art, University of Wales, and Suzy from Nottingham Trent University.

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