Bridging the Gap – Margaret Talbot

My work for the next EAST exhibition titled “Bridging the Gap” is about floods and drought.

I found this interesting article on the web about women working for climate change:

It also must be noted that without women, the Paris Climate Agreement would not be what it is today. A legendary group of women called the “lionesses” including Farhana Yamin, Christiana Figueres, and Tessa Tennant, met in the countryside of Scotland and came up with the guiding principle of ‘net zero emissions’ at a time when many parties to the climate convention were at loggerheads. There are many mothers of the goal as they expanded into a group of more than 30 female lawyers, diplomats, financiers, and activists with the mission to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C.

It was with these precise targets and clear language that allowed global leaders to finally understand the urgency and, with a clear objective, begin to cooperate to create actionable policy.

It has been found that women in leadership positions create and improve climate change policy more often than men. A study of 130 countries showed that countries with a high representation of women in their administrations are more likely to ratify international environment treaties.

It is time for policymakers, investors, and philanthropists to understand that women can act as an immense force for change by leading their communities and the world towards a more sustainable future.

You can find this article here:

Article by Lindsey Jean Schumann   Sect 8. 

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