More on A Trip to the Tate

As the pictures which Janette posted really gave a flavour of the installation which Hew Locke was commissioned to make for this space I wanted to add some more that I took during the same visit.

Locke’s installation takes as its starting point the history and character of Tate Britain’s building and its original  benefactor, the sugar refining magnate, Henry Tate.  More broadly, with The Procession, Locke invites visitors to ‘reflect on the cycles of history, and the ebb and flow of cultures, people, finance and power.’ (extract from the text on the gallery wall.)  

‘What I try to do in my work is mix ideas of attraction and ideas of discomfort – colourful and attractive, but strangely, scarily surreal at the same time.‘ Hew Locke

I loved this work and was particularly interested to see Locke’s use of cardboard to portray figures, creatures and costumes.

If you can possibly get to the Tate before the end of the year this is an exciting and stimulating installation to see.

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