Brilliant day out with friends and Cornelia


Janette, in her previous blog, mentioned Cornelia Parker at Tate Britain, but as I too was captivated and inspired, I have decided to add a little more detail about this amazing experience that I shared with Janette, Susan and June on a recent much needed ‘arty day’ out in London.

It is fabulous – quirky, funny, inspiring, and hugely imaginative. 

WAR ROOM (detail)

Parker (born 1956) lives and works in London. It is so inspiring to see a female modern 

installation artist so respected and well received during her lifetime. 

If you have the chance, then do try, and catch this exhibition before it closes.

Following in the footsteps of installation artists such as Marcel Duchamp (1887- 1968), Louis Bourgeois (1911-2010), Parker focuses our attention on the possibilities of everyday objects. Sure, for her everyday objects means blowing up her garden shed,


or steamrollering silver items and musical instruments – not the sort of thing most of us think to do.

 But this the beauty of installation art, it’s the vision of possibility. It is what has been done with items we are surrounded by in our everyday life. It is literally thinking outside of the box. 



It would be such fun to sit down and chat with Cornelia Parker, but you would have to make sure she doesn’t have a sledgehammer, a pot of snake poison or even some dynamite tucked into her pocket. I get the feeling any encounter with her comes with an element of the unexpected!

Cornelia Parker runs until 16 th October 2022 at Tate Britain. 

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