Objects and Memory

A three days workshop weekend with Caroline Bartlett

Thoroughly enjoyed the Caroline Bartlett Textile Summer School held by the Tollesbury Creative Group (and all arranged by Lorraine Traer-Clark) last weekend.  Caroline is an excellent tutor – the theme of the workshop was objects and memory and we were asked to bring a small collection of objects through which to explore, experiment and develop ideas.

The items that I selected were things I had collected while out walking – rusty, discarded, broken pieces, mainly of metal.  The items I had collected brought to mind the walks I have done this year and how dry and cracked the earth has been with such little rain, the impact on crops and sowing of seed.

My collection of objects

We started by observing and drawing our objects – looking only at the objects and not at the paper – using contrasting drawing materials of our own choice such as marker pens, charcoal and acrylic paint, etc. – and then added texture by folding and scrunching papers, making holes (I also took the opportunity to use some heavy moulding acrylic gel I have been using).  I was pleased that I had chosen quite large objects and my paper soon began to fill up.  Having had quite a busy time just before the workshop weekend I didn’t really have a lot of thinking time and I had no idea in my head of what I might do – I didn’t really “come up for air” until the second day and I was really pleased with the outcome.

Observational drawing

I had previously done a lot of mark making on fabric so decided to see how I could interpret some of my marks in stitch.   It was good to slow down and stitch and start to think how I could develop my ideas.  With the draining affects of the hot weather on my energy levels and various other demands, it was good to have the discipline of a well organized 3 day workshop and I feel I have come home with a good start to a whole new body of work.

Mark making on fabrics

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