Halsey Field  A Wild Flower Meadow by Jenny Leslie

I am a ‘Friend of Halsey Fields’ and I help to maintain it by joining working parties run by Chris Ridley.

I am working on the theme of wild flower meadows for the next EAST exhibition. So far I have tried lots of experiments to depict them, some successful.

I started with eco print leaves on paper of plants and shrubs that grow in the field. Then I did drawings of plants I had seen and made stencils from them.

I was planning on making more stencils from flower drawings, but making these was very fiddly to cut, so I have used bought stencils which I hope are not too stylised.

I use natural dyes and inks to make my print pastes, they sometimes react in unexpected ways.

In a recent EAST workshop we played with print pastes, I discovered that pressed grasses can make a good stencil and help to give the impression of a field with a mass of flowers and grasses.

My experiments will continue, I hope to have poppies soon.

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