Making a Good Impression by Angela Brookford

I have recently been experimenting with printing as a way to play and create different images.  One print method I used is monoprinting which is a technique, example below, of using textured surfaces such as wallpaper, packaging, etc. placed on an inked-up plate and passing this through an etching press. You can build up layers by adding and subtracting the textures to make one off prints.  

I used a translucent silk screen print on top of the monoprints if I found them to be unsatisfactory.  Below is an example of a pure silk screen image. The screen method uses a mesh fabric stretched over a frame. You can use various methods of blocking out parts of the mesh so when you pull the ink over the screen it only goes through those areas that have not been blocked.  For the example below I used paper stencils which were moved for the different layers for giving one off prints. 

The three examples below are the result of putting the two methods together thereby giving the images a different dimension. 

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