Power of Stitch 2022 EVENTS

With just over a week to go now, at EAST we are extremely excited to be presenting Power of Stitch at the Babylon Arts Gallery, Ely from the 1st – 19th June.

Visitors can view the exhibition and pick up some scrummy sales items inspired by the larger main pieces, (which are also for sale). Several members of EAST have offered to present a workshop or talk during our visit to Ely. Susan Canfield and I are delighted to present the first event – a talk and guided tour of the exhibition on Wednesday 1st June at 10am (free admission).

For Power of Stitch Susan’s work portrays a summary of the textile revolution, from power to empowerment, ending with the badge of the W.S.P.U. (women’s Social and Political Union), the militant suffragette group, formed in 1903. Susan’s work entitled spin,fly,beat,stitch,’ highlights the empowerment for all through needle and thread – Power of Stitch- into the twenty-first century.  

Here is an image of two of my “jacquard cards” from my exhibit ‘spin, fly, beat, stitch’. They represent the cotton thread being passed through rollers which twisted it making it strong enough for the warp on the looms. The bottom card shows the thread on the flying shuttle.

spin, fly, beat stitch (detail)

For Power of Stitch, I have returned to one of my popular themes- water studies. In this series I considered the relationship between the sea and the men that come everyday by the sea wall in the Jaffa port, Israel. As well as observing the men and their relationship with the sea, I have also collected and used only found threads and junk collected on my numerous walks along the sea wall.

Collection – Found Junk IV (detail)

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