EAST at the Braintree Textile Fair

A year ago on Saturday, EAST was able to meet, at last, in person.  It was a bright sunny day and the first time we’d actually been able to see everyone’s work for our then prospective exhibition, Transformation.

EAST toolbox.
A necessary bit of kit for a textile artist.

We had arranged for a photographer, Charlie Alexander (farliephotography.co.uk),  to spend the day with us to photograph our work.  She worked extremely hard, not only taking pictures of our work from interesting perspectives but also ones of each artist alongside her exhibit.

We thought these images would look good on our website but we didn’t realise how invaluable they would be to our exhibitions.

View along the corridor showing large images of Janette and Jenny’s work.
Here are Tricia’s (right) and Lynda’s (left) large images

On Friday Libby and I spent several hours at Braintree Museum making a display of those photographs, in the corridor leading from the galleries to the hall, in preparation for the Textile Fair next Sunday (15th May). 

Vinny’s large photo with the information board and Susan’s smaller boards.

As on other occasions, EAST will be running a ‘drop-in’ workshop in the Victorian Classroom. This year the visitor will have a chance to try out the basic techniques  to make a rag rug.

There will also be the opportunity to view the sketch/workbooks which led to the creation of those exhibits and to meet several members of the group.

Below are some more boards which can be viewed at the Museum.

Felicity and Angela’s work
Libby and a detail of Lynda’s piece

And finally…. The last board to be added to the display and Libby poses, in fine glamour model style, and reveals Melinda’s photo board.

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