Happy Persian New Year

One of our EAST members has been lucky enough to work with a group of new arrived Afghan refugees. As part of the work that has been going on to help the families acclimatise to the ways of Essex, the language, systems and culture. Creative workshops have been going on to build trust and allow the ladies to start rebuilding their lives, after being in a hotel room for the last few months there is a real desire to make things whether that be Afghan rice or a wash cloth that reminds you of home. Textile has been an amazing outlet starting with a discussion about flannels we were able to get cotton crochet yarn from some amazing donators for the ladies to create a range of brilliant wash mits

Working with other community groups they have created large textile banners displayed on the Afghan food evening with ladies showing their natural talent for sewing.

This is an amazing project full of laughter that goes passed the language and cultural boundaries

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