Surfaces Revisited Finale

Just a reminder of where I had got to last time.

I also made another one, well three more actually, and coloured two with fluid acrylics using: Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold, Transparent Red Iron Oxide and Paynes Grey. I then used Modern Masters Metallic Effect paint and Rust Activator.

I also used a different background medium on the surface of each one before applying the gesso, just to give a bit of texture.

These ‘cases’ stand just over 50cms high and 20cms wide. These are all just prototypes. I’ve been working out the easiest and best way to construct them as I go along. The final pieces will be much larger.

Now I need to decide which colourway and surface medium I want to take forward for my next project (– and what to do with the surplus ones!)

This one…..
…..or this one?

Any suggestions would be very helpful!

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