Surfaces Revisted II – Part 2

So, the gesso and emulsion are now thoroughly dry and black Quink writing ink is then sprayed on lightly over the surface.

Once this is dry Walnut Ink is then used to cover the surface totally. A few grains of Sea Salt are sprinkled on here and there.

Both these coats have to be applied when the box is laying on its side. I have discovered that if the box is upright and the inks run when you apply them you get a different effect than when it’s laid on its side.

Once the Walnut Ink has been applied and while it is still wet, I dab it here and there with a piece of kitchen towel just to break up the surface and then when totally dry I will spray some more on randomly and dab it off quickly. This lifts the colours from underneath leaving it all patchy.

Hinges and handles are once again painstakingly screwed back on. I’ve actually got callous in the palm of my hand now!

No photos of these stages unfortunately as my main camera has decided to work permanently out of focus!

And this is the end result:

Now I need to gather all the ‘bits’ together that will go inside and hopefully tell the story.

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