Surfaces Revisted 2 – Part 1

In my last post I wrote about how I came across a book of samples I had made some time ago and decided to use the technique for my next project. Decided it would make a change from the rusty look I usually go for and thought you might like to see how I do it.

Since transforming a wooden case into a shrine for the lost boys of Postmans Park I have become obsessed with the idea of turning old boxes into vessels that carry a story.

Unfortunately, there has obviously been a run on old wooden cases on Ebay because not only do they seem to have become more costly some of them are also very shabby – far too shabby for the prices being asked. So, I decided to make my own from 3mm greyboard.

Firstly, I cut the greyboard and the wooden battens to size. The wood gives it a bit more stability.

I then construct the box and painstakingly put on all the hinges and handles etc. using a mini stubby screwdriver! – which are then taken off again before being painted.

Just a bit of tidying up to do then it’s ready for the next stage.

The case has then been given two coats of white Gesso. This will be followed by white household emulsion dabbed on in places. This is where the subtle light and dark shading of the base coat comes in.

Will then have to wait for the gesso and emulsion to dry thoroughly.

To be continued….

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