Button Tin #2

Rummaging through the button tin/box I came across some really interesting ones.

The way these ones are laid out on a card are fun.

I don’t think they are sold on cards now, are they?

I bought these from Ally Pally almost three decades ago now. I remember they cost me £2 each which was quite a lot for a button back then.

They are hand-painted wooden buttons about 2.5cms diameter. Have not found a use for them yet.

Linen buttons

Also waiting for the right project.

I have a set of each of these metal buttons.

Would love to know what they were used for, especially the 5-cent piece with the buffalo on.

Finally, these little beauties. Rubber buttons! Am guessing they were for corsets, girdles, suspenders or some other form of undergarment.

This must have been before the advent of the ‘roll-on’, who remembers those? Thank goodness those days have long gone!

And these rubber buttons certainly are what it says on the box: Firm, Tough and Unbreakable.

Would love to see what you have in your ‘Button Tin’.

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