Creating by Design

At EAST, since Covid, we have developed a very workable system whereby once a month we have our business talk via Zoom on a Thursday evening with a regular meeting in Essex on the Saturday.

By doing it this way there is space in between to mull over anything that came up during the talk which we can thrash out on the Saturday leaving us free to chat, show & tell etc. Making it a much friendlier, livelier meeting.

This month one of our members, Margaret Talbot, bought along some of her sketch book work from courses she has taken part in over the years.

They are amazing. The intricacies of some of the designs and the original source material is fascinating.

I managed to take a few photographs, apologies in advance for the quality. The work was mainly in plastic covers which I should really have removed before photographing.

Margaret then took us all through tracing elements of a design then repeating, twisting, turning and flipping these elements to create a larger piece.

Julies’ design started off as leaves and by the time she had finished filling them and the spaces in with pattern they took on a completely different look.

It was all good fun and creating simple design work such as this inspires and helps you focus on your own work.

Thanks Margaret.

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